"Aaron's Pet"™

"Aaron's Pet"™ healthy aquarium frozen fish food diet.

About Us.


 Thank you for choosing "Aaron's Pet"™ frozen fish food brand.

Your interest and commitment to maintaining the health of our aquatic friends is obvious.

When you purchase "Aaron's Pet"™ frozen fish food, you get the best frozen staple food available locally.

Made from only the finest, FDA approved, choice ingredients available. "Aaron's Pet"™ is dedicated to our customers and to your most valued aquatic pets. Our proprietary mixture is made right here in our family kitchen, with the strictest quality standards set fourth by ServSafe®.



 "Aaron's Pet"™ frozen fish food was founded in Southwest Michigan by Aaron Gifford. Mr Gifford is father to six beautiful children ranging in age from 7 to 1.

A need arose to supply the Gifford family fishes with a strict diet fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, while supplying an omnivorous content. The Gifford fish have become more active and colorful, and grown substantially since the first feeding tests.

"Aaron's Pet"™ frozen fish food is designed by Mr. Gifford, chemical engineering student, and               sole proprietor. Mr. Gifford also owns             'The Tank Man' Aquarium Services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

"Aaron's Pet"® frozen fish food

Owner / Sole Proprietor -                                 Aaron M. Gifford

Phone number                                                - 1-269-204-6066

email                                                       [email protected]

want to sell our product in your store, contact                             - [email protected]



Thank you Michigan for supporting our endeavors.

Thank you to all who have chosen "Aaron's Pet" frozen fish food! 


Please feel free to write to our company -


"Aaron's Pet"® frozen fish food

125 Prairie Street

Plainwell Michigan, 49080

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